Tuesday, March 9, 2010

wish i were benjamin button!!!

Sometimes I imagine, why can’t there be second takes in life?
No philosophy intended, I was just going through some random college snaps, when I realized, all of a sudden that almost a year past, I suddenly want to be a part of all the pictures, have a share of all the memories that were created during those three blissful years of my college life. Canteen, quadrangle, union room, room number 23, and all that could be accommodated at 86/1 college street, my alma mater… I want to live it all over again. I want to go and attend every class, and I also want to bunk every class and be a part of every adda that took place in the canteen, join every procession that started from the union room, cry at every failure n rejoice at every success of a certain “neel rong”.
I want to have every meal at the dingy CHEENESE and bargain for every book bought at “boipara”. I want a bottoms up for every cup of tea at Promod Da’s and I want to sleep all my way on the hostel bus on the shoulders of a certain someone.
Presidency taught me all about life, yet in a very beautiful way. We learnt the tough way, but the learning was blissful with friends all around. The college gave us an identity, taught us who we are and what our potentials are. At the end of three years, we graduated in life, not only in our subjects.
Yet, how strange it feels to think we are no longer a part of it, the benches we once occupied are now taken up by a bunch of known and unknown faces, who would repeat these very lines once they are out of the place. Feels strange to realize how fast the hands of the giant clock called life moves… 


  1. i know, yaa...this feeling that you get...when you are no more a part of a place which is so much a part of you...cant even imagine that in a year...we have become outsiders in that hostel...we wont even be allowed to cross the entrance, perhaps... if this is moving on...i would rather stagnate...

  2. Guys be happy you did not stay back to see the 'crowd' that comprise the batch that once we called ours.

    And mind you it's no exaggeration.

  3. the place was heaven... what has become of it now, i know not... it may have changed, it may have remained the same, but somewhere i know, i belong there, heart n soul...

  4. oh damn...i wanna go back too....