Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sometimes, its ok, just ok to let go. Sometimes, we know, somethings do not belong to us. But sometimes, letting go off something becomes the toughest. When fate lets us down over and over again, a flimsy voice called hope whispers in our ears, “Lets try once more, just one last time”. They say, there is need, want, and desire. But, how can we control? With time, desire becomes want, and want becomes need; and then we spend the rest of our life, chasing that desire, oops! Sorry, that need. It is life you know, just like the stock market. You sure can predict, but you cannot assure, you cannot insure. Everyday, we take numerous chances, knowingly or unknowingly.

We read a bit more of the morning newspaper, taking a chance that if we walk at a faster pace than other days, we would still manage to get on to the 9:50am Metro. But what if we miss? So what? The 10:00am metro is still there. We’ll walk a bit faster from the station to the office. Sure we’ll make it on time. What if we do not? So what… boss might not be on time today! What if he is? So what… he might be in a good mood today! What if he isn’t? Well, in that case, I’ll plug my ears while he barks. Simple! There’s always a solution. Doesn’t mean I should leave the article on my star attraction’s next movie half read.

That is life. Dance while you have the chance. Who knows, tomorrow, you may lose your legs in an accident. Or better still, tomorrow you may not have good music playing. What if you can’t dance well? Well, who cares… its your life, you’re dancing to enjoy, not to entertain others. You wanna go into the ocean when the temperature is running on negative? Go do it. The doctor’s always there if you fall sick. I mean, when else will you use your medical insurance. Don’t tell me you’re waiting for some deadly disease to attack you!

I don’t say I’m a philosopher; but there are things life has taught me. And there are things I’d like to share with all; if not me, my experience can help people. I have learnt that sometimes, it is very very important to take a chance; there are possibilities that you will fail, but there are those certain ‘sometimes’ when you win. We all wanna be winners, but a very few of us are ready to take chances. It is astonishing, that we expect so much from life, and leave a large amount of our lives to fate. Why not try out hope this time? There might be disappointments, but somewhere, someday, somehow, a chance might turn out to be worth risking.

How many times did you stop yourselves from taking that crazy step, for the fear of being rejected? Never? Well, I did, and did it a lot of times. Coz my ego came before my happiness. I couldn’t take no for an answer, never. But now I realize I was wrong. However, now it’s too late, a bit too late. Now is when there are no chances left. Do not rely on co-incidences. Take chances. Once you learn doing that, life will be much more adventurous, much more worth living. You wont just live; you would look forward to live. Life is a Marauders Map. You have to question to get an answer, and you have to swear you are up to no good. Sometimes being a bit bad doesn’t kill, does it? Period.

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  1. so true : "you sure can predict, but you cannot assure, you cannot insure."

    loved the post