Sunday, May 22, 2011


Those tattered dreams and scattered memories do taunt
fingers search for the right keys,
but can never strike the perfect note
the tapping of the keyboard,
the disharmony of the piano
words and music flow inadequate
and never accurate.
a heave, a sigh, a new start again...
an eternal try at reaching the perfection
but...for what?
of tears, and songs, and symphonies too short
coz you don't have time for lengthy poems.
a drop of tear to trickle down the cheek...
not two not three.. just a drop.
i sing a song, but suddenly stop.
between my lyrics and my music
i lose the symphony somewhere amidst
my half formed tears, my incomplete songs
my unwritten poems
the care i never showed
were all for lack of time...
time to love, time to know,
and time to care and time to show.
Someday in a different horizon,
when days and nights wud last for long
when you and i have time enough
i will cry all over for you,
i will sing those unsung melodies,
and i will write those poems i promise.
i will show you how much i care.
till then, let my half formed tears, 
my incomplete songs,
and my unwritten poems,
be witness to how incomplete i am without you...

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