Monday, March 8, 2010


The heart and the mind converse,
I bear a silent witness to it.
They fight, argue, make-up, break-up, do it all…
I sit, simply tapping my feet, yet it’s not so simple.
Ever seen that grin across my face?
That’s when heart has things its way.
Ever noticed the frown across my forehead?
That’s when mind takes over.
My face, it always sides with my heart.
But the eyes, always loyal to the mind.
Whom do I side?
Probably none…
Whoever wins, I am always the loser
I trust my heart, I rely on my mind.
They go on, the two naughty brats,
Bitching about each other…
“What happened when you started thinking with your heart?”
“Oh really? What when the mind could not decide?”
Stop now, the two of you.
And strangely, as I shout at them,
They become the best of friends!!!
“Okay, we don’t say anything, happy?”
Cummon now! I thought you were mine.
Help me out.
“It’ll be fine, do whatever makes you feel good.”
“Hell, no! You need to be practical.”
And it starts all over again.
Why didn’t I allow them to not say anything?
But how could I?
They are me, I am them.
I let them deal.
The heart and the mind come to a conclusion,
I bear a silent witness to it.

p.s. – thanks to a special someone for the thought. I merely put it in my words, rather saw it through my eyes.

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