Friday, November 19, 2010


The room was illumined, not with lights, but with the afterglow. The darkness was softened, by the presence of the two, who now lay beside each other. Her head rested on his chest, and he was playing with her soft curls.
HIM:  Hey?

HER:  Hmm…

HIM:  How do you feel?

HER: About?

HIM: Now.

HER: Right now?

HIM: Right now.

HER: Safe, very safe.

HIM: Safe!! Why?

Her face lit up with a mysterious smile…

HER: Because you have a  broad chest, fatso!!!

She started tickling him, and they got into a pillow fight…

Moments later, they were snuggled up against each other again. She loved to sleep, her head rested on his chest.

HER: Hey?

HIM: Umm?

HER : I feel safe, coz I can hear your heart still pounding. I feel safe coz I still feel your hushed breath brushing across my forehead. I feel safe because I can still sense the warmth of your skin, the blood racing through your vessels. I feel safe coz you still move, coz your arms still embrace me, and your limbs still entangle me.

I feel safe coz you will still frown when I wake you up tomorrow, I feel safe coz you’ll promise to come back from work early; and in the evening when I open the door so eagerly, you’ll be standing right there, with a smile across your face, saying, “Honey, I’m home.”

P.S. : Fiction yet again...


  1. on a very different note i just read the sociolinguistic analysis in the speech of the guy and the girl :P :P