Monday, November 22, 2010


Nor an escape from the past
Neither the promise of a future
It’s just for here, and just for now.
In the moments, at this  hour
Just like the handful of sand
That will escape the fists very soon…
Not in the tears, nor  in the smile
Just for those looks in the eyes for a while…
Not for the eyes that stare,
Nor for the eyes that speak…
But for those eyes that play hide n seek
Not in the music, nor in your words
But for those silences between the lips
I feel like being with you.
Give me those moments…
Those moments of peace,
Those moments of love
Those moments of life
And I promise to live an eternity in each.


  1. feelings come with expiry dates, logic prevails before and after...

  2. pic was awesome in this post..