Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Its time to move on…get a life

My days were now occupied in anticipation and wait for calls from the companies I had applied to.  A month passed since I completed my MTech, this Saturday morning I was helping around at home with the household chores when my cell shouted out. Seeing an unknown landline number flashing across the “Love ruined me” wallpaper, I realized it had to be one of those interview calls. I cleared my throat and proceeded to take the call.

“Hi!” said I.

“Am I speaking to Miss Neha?”

The ‘yes’ I intended to voice out die down somewhere around the vocal chord; all that managed to come out was “Nitin?”

I knew, I recognized almost immediately; I could not be more right. It was him, it had to be him. The accent, the depth in voice, the breaths in between words, the husk, God! It was him. How can I not recognize the voice that I have been replaying over and over in my head for six years now?

I time travelled six years down the calendar...

“We cannot do this Nitin, please do not leave me. It’s been 7 months now that we have known each other. You know we are made for each other. "

“But Neha, you have to understand. I cannot, though I want to.”

“Can we not meet at least once?”

“If it has to end, it has to end this way. And, it has to end, today. I have my own reasons Neha. Please cooperate, and make it easy for me, will you?”

“Here is someone who loves you. And all she has in mind is your voice. All she gets to imagine of you is the 10 digit mobile number that flashes across her mobile screen every night. Let me at least see you for once before you leave.”

“I am sorry Neha, but I can’t.”

“Nitin, can you give it one last thought? Your entire decision?”

“How is that possible?”

I didn’t have an answer to this last question. We hung up.
The next day was the last of my 12th grade board exams.
Results came out within a month. Though I fared well in all other papers, the after effect of that night’s incident was evident in my physics grades, I barely managed to pass. After that it was a goodbye to mom, dad, my bedroom, old friends. Along with new outfits for college, I however did take two old things I couldn’t let go, my diary, filled with his memories and my SIM card. I couldn’t risk changing my number, for I didn’t want to miss a chance if he ever changed his mind. Not a single night passed when I didn’t relive all those conversations we had (all, over the phone); and not a single night did my pillow fail to witness those silent tears I shed for him.

Back to the present…

There was silence on the other end of the phone. I was confirmed it was him. Did he realize it was me? Yes, the nervous breathings I heard said it all.

Finally he spoke: “Ma’am, I have called regarding your application as an assistant engineer at…”

God! Am I actually hearing him once again? I was stoned.
“Miss Neha, you have got excellent grades overall, but your 12th board results do not qualify our criteria, Seems…” there was a hesitation. And then he spoke again; “Seems a single subject has let you down.”

“I screwed up my paper after the night you left me.”

“But we have our own rules here Ma’am, and we cannot send you an offer letter.”

“Look Nitin, I know it’s you. Can we meet up once, just once? For old times sake?”

“I’m extremely sorry Miss Neha, but a second interview is not possible at the moment.”

“Nitin, you are avoiding me? It’s been six long years I’ve been waiting for this one single call from you, don’t you care a bit? Don’t you feel my pain, damned?”

Tears were streaming down my cheeks.

“Its time to move on…get a life. Have a good day Miss Neha.”

P.S. : This is a fiction, though inspired by real life. The characters are imaginary, though the theme has some resemblance to real life.

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  1. I am as usual reading between the lines. But this is an awesome post. Loved it.

  2. Moving, people can be cruel at times including loved ones, specially men. :)

  3. Omg ..this sounded so real ... I really could see everything happening in front of my eyes .. I just loved this ..For a moment I felt that this is gonna be usual love story , but then the twist in the end was perfect !! All the best ! :)

  4. very nicely and truly written....well done girl....getting emotional..cant stop

  5. @polo: u r my inspiration ,grl!! :)
    @arpita: glad you liked it. :D
    @adreamygal: thanx for stopping by. its encouraging.
    @songsnwords: wud look 4wrd to ur responses in all my future posts.

  6. Touching story !Ofcourse Neha have to move on...she cant waste her life for someone who dont care about her at all

    Voted..read mine too A Woman's life