Sunday, March 7, 2010

i thought i would move on...

I thought I would move on
but the same hallucination
the same ringing voice
I thought it would leave me.
My first love, starting from the days
of adolescence.
The first days when the realization
dawned upon me…
The realization of love, romanticized
to the extreme;
You were the one who came out
straight out of the pages of some novel.
Ruffled hair, shabby kurta, high
sounding words, a cigarette in hand
Yet dreamy eyes, artistic fingers.
U were careless yet very caring
A love I worshipped, looked up to
N then the real world dawned upon me
U became blurred, yet never
Non existent.
I loved n lost, loved n lost
Never felt alone, coz u were there
Always with me, when I was happy
I forgot u, when hurt, I wanted u,
U were there.
A witness to all those lonely nights
N wet pillow
U heard those silent screams
That calm madness, u saw it.
You were, u are , n u will b
Every dream I see, I wish it were u.
You are a lie
But a truth greater than any truth.
A stranger, yet my closest confidant
N now I never want u to leave me.
I hear your voice again,
But never can I see u.
Still, I am happy u r there.

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