Monday, November 14, 2011


Let's play hide and seek...
Coz I want to come in search of you,
For I have a feeling I've lost you.
And if you feel you've lost me too, 
I can hide for you as well.
We'll take turns to be the seeker.
You might get to see the corner of my scarf...
You would think I'm a fool, a careless one,
And rush to catch me.
Later when we stop for coffee
You'd tell me I'm bad with games
I'd say I never wanted to be good at them.
Only I would know, that I made you see the scarf
Coz i want to be found...
Found by you...
If you ever got to know that,
Would you say I cheated?
Coz I didn't mean to play games
I only wanted to be found,
Found by you...

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