Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have not crossed oceans for you,
Nor have I bleeded myself to death for you.
But I have shed,
I have shed endless tears for you.
Was it ever love, or was it only longing?
Was it ever the feeling, or was it only yearning?
For I have wanted you through distance,
All I could ever do was long for you,
All I could ever do was yearn for you…
I don’t think I ever got to love you.
You were like the fragrance I could feel around me,
But not once could I hold you close.
You were like a spectre
Which floated in my imaginations…
You were like the mirage in my deserted life.
I have longed for you enough,
But I couldn’t love you ever.
I have cried for you enough,
But I couldn’t bleed for you ever.
And there will be time,
For us to love, for us to bleed,
For us to hurt, and for us to heal.
Today we long, someday we’ll love,
Tonight we yearn, someday we’ll feel.
One day, the clouds will finally pour over our deserted life,
And the rains would wash away the tears.
Till then, I would shed,
Shed endless tears for you.
And one day, I would cross the oceans for you,
And bleed in your love.
One day, we will forget memories,
And create moments.


  1. Beautiful... "One day, we will forget memories,
    And create moments." So touching, these lines...

  2. It reminds me about a lot of things !!
    Really a wonderful and great composition !!