Monday, August 30, 2010

too much red....

Too much sand had passed
through the hourglass of life,
Too much blood had run
through my veins.
The glass of wine had remained untouched
Coz... I feared red
I felt blood.
The chalice... ever inviting
But i felt it was not pure.
And then...
I contemplate sin
The sin... no more camouflaged
Lust flashes red across the paleness of love
I fear red
I feel blood.
The gnawing jaws can hold no more...
The fierceness within.
I fear the knife
I fear it would bring out
The true color within me...
The blood red, under the camouflage of the white skin
The violence slumbering within the peace
I fear me, 
I feel blood.
But sin does its job
I see the red
I see the blood
I see me, the inner me.
I no more fear blood,
I feel red.
The sin is over,
I am purified.
I am the one, that holds the blood
I am the chalice...
So red, so blood, yet so pure...

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