Wednesday, May 12, 2010

priorities switch !!

After a 3n a half years of loyalty, I finally changed my cell. My friends were as excited as I was, especially my room mate, coz she would finally listen to different ringtones!! as I inserted my sim into the new handset, I realised what a tough job lays ahead... copying my contact list... as i had loads of time ahead, i thought i would do it manually, n sort out wanted and unwanted numbers... it took me a night, and that night taught me a lot... about myself, about my life, about my priorities... my previous cell had a list of 800 odd contacts, n after i filtered them, i transfered only 273 of them to my new one. as i came across names starting with "A" and ending in "Z", i realized, how priorities have changed.
a certain name, which occupied the maximum space in my call log once, has remained untouched for time unknown to me. a certain name which entered my phonebook only a year n half now reigns over my call log.
a certain number once had all my utmost secrets in its msg box, now there's hardly any. a certain number was once my morning alarm, it doesn't exist anymore. a certain number was my trobleshooter for all situations, i hesitate to dial that number now.
some names made me smile, some names made me cry, some names made me angry, and some names irritated me; yet some names made me feel guilty... of broken promises, of promises to keep in touch, of being friends forever, of fights, arguements, break ups.
i realized, how priorities have changed, rather switched, from one person to another. so many faces came and went away, in a brief span of 3 n a half years, so many people became important in so many ways, and then so many lost their importance.
yet the process continues, new names enter the contact list everyday, only to become old in the course of time. strangers become friends, n vice-versa... the process of adding and deleting continues... so like life!!!

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  1. Thats what life is dear, it like a train journey where new passengers get on and old ones get off whenever a new place comes along

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