Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life Is Lived In Transformation

For after long... very long
I've realized the fault
I’ve realized the truth
The fault of killing my soul
The truth that I was not myself
The simple fact that I have changed...

For after long... very long
I've felt this urge again
I've felt the drive again
The urge to live my life again
The drive to laugh at every joke
The simple fact that the heart still beats...

For after long... very long
I'm scared to admit it
I'm scared to own it
Admit that too much has been wasted
Own that I can count the years
The simple fact that life won't be forever...

I lost so much in translation
I lost so much in transgression
I lost so much in the tears I cried
I lost so much in those fake smiles
How much more can I lose from me
Until I lose something called 'me'?

Do I have the strength in me
To make someone smile again?
Do I have the guts in me
To make someone live again?
Do I have any tears left over
To cry if someone hurts again?

Yet I will laugh, and I will cry
I dare to love, I dare defy
My hopes are high, I dream again
To swim the ocean, reach for the sky
I have emotions left for every occasion


  1. Good t se u back once again in ur normal urself bak Keep it up nd god bless u... Nd about the writing I'm speachless...

  2. thanx satyo... support from friends always count.

  3. very beautiful and forceful...Do I want to revisit...yes I want to everytime.. ;)

  4. rekha, thanx buddy! i promise to keep writing so long frnds like u keep visiting!