Sunday, January 31, 2010

cant think of a title...

time has been
playing tricks with me off late, n u r just another martyr to it. i am
going through a very rough phase in lyf. whenever i look around, i see nothing other than
hopelessness. there are tiny flecks of light , i agree, bt those are not very longlasting.
they come and go like fireflies... after everything, i should have by now learnt to live alone,
by myslf. bt human nature betrays my experience, u know. i try to cling to the last aveneus
of hope, untill it leaves me alone , once again in a sea of delusion, to sulk and fret, yet another
ray of hope comes, and i again fall into the trap, thinking it wud stay this tym. though deep down my heart i
know, it is jst a passing phase, and will move on, leaving me in a pit of darkness once again.
maybe u were jst another passing phase...destined to come and go away...

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