Saturday, August 22, 2009

is literature a lie????????

this is a question which often haunts me.......
i sit in the classroom studying wordsworth,admiring nature and its beauty
and what tranquility it offers me.there is a pollution awareness campaign going on trees save life.nature is no longer what it used to be.ecological balance is under i supposed to continue with wordsworth or should i go n join the awareness campaign.i sit in my bedroom in the morning reading pope's the rape of the lock..what a hurly burly over some strands of hair,the morning newspaper is handed to me and i see a woman returning from office had been gang raped...what do i do?sit in my bedroom enjoying the plight of the lock being raped or go out into the world and raise my voice against the social crime...
in a world of today,where does romanticism hold its place?isn't reading wordsworth sort of an escapism?are we not trying to create a make belief world for ourself when reality is exactly the opposite?has literature come down to the status of a lie then?
mind you, all this is coming from a person who has been a student of literature and wordsworth happens to be her favourite poet.

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  1. well wordsworth is not our time so how can we say that reading that is escapism?? shouldnt the question arise more from our social awareness rather than literary persecution of a man of some other century??